Ivacy Releases Another Extension; This Time for Firefox

Firefox users rejoice as Ivacy launches a dedicated Firefox browser extension.

After releasing a dedicated Google Chrome extension, Ivacy has expanded its horizon by launching another browser extension for the popular Firefox.

Ivacy is not holding back when it comes to the number of features it has managed to release from the past year. The cyber security company is now working on integrating its services on other platforms, such as browsers in this case. Ivacy is, in fact, moving into new territories, opening a world of new possibilities for its customers.

This company is going all in to stay ahead of the curve. Ivacy has been churning out new updates, features, and apps ever since the year began. Rest assured, it seems as though it will not be stopping anytime soon.

Bilal Khan, AVP of Ivacy VPN

The new Firefox extension from Ivacy is essentially the same as its counterpart for Google. Some of the noteworthy features to look forward to are as follows:

·         WebRTC Protection

The feature ensures your IP address remains intact while preventing any and all leaks.

·         Unlimited Streaming

Stream as much content as you want, from movies to TV shows and even music videos.

·         Masked IP

Connect to one of many servers across the globe to remain anonymous by safeguarding your original IP address.

·         Blazing Fast Download/Upload Speeds

Download to your heart’s content. Never worry about speed throttling from your ISP either.

The cyber security company claims encrypting internet traffic will be as simple as clicking a button, after which internet users will access any and all content online, without having to worry about compromising themselves and their data in the process.

Previously releasing updates for its WindowsAndroidiOS and Kodi app, Ivacy has ensured that its service as a whole work with any and all platforms. The launch of Firefox extension is just another step by Ivacy towards making the internet more secure and accessible for its customers.

Source: Ivacy