Ivacy Launches Chrome Extension for Quick and Easy Access to an Unrestricted Internet

Ivacy Chrome VPN Extension

Ivacy – the industry’s leading VPN provider has taken a great deal of thought, after which it has unveiled a Chrome extension for internet freedom with online security and anonymity.

The purpose of introducing the Chrome extension is to cut down on the time needed to download, install and operate the dedicated Ivacy app. The Cyber Security company claims encrypting internet traffic will be as simple as clicking a button, after which internet users will access any and all content online, without having to worry about compromising themselves and their data in the process.

Seeing how internet privacy and anonymity is slowly becoming a thing of the past, it became obvious Ivacy needed to up its game to give its users the ability to counter the threat at hand, which has become even more of a problem than hacking attempts.

Bilal Khan, AVP of Ivacy VPN

Some noteworthy features to expect from the Ivacy Chrome extension are as follows:

Masked IP

Users can connect to one of many servers across the globe, thus hiding their original IP in the process.

WebRTC Protection

With WebRTC protection, internet users’ IP remains intact while remaining leak-proof at all times.

Unlimited Streaming

No restrictions on streaming music or video content regardless of what site is being visited.

Blazing Fast Download & Upload Speeds

No restrictions on upload and download speeds. No speed throttling either.

Ivacy has kept well on its promise to release new apps, features along with upgrades for existing ones. Previously releasing updates for its Windows, Android, iOS and Kodi app, Ivacy has ensured that its service as a whole work with any and all platforms. The launch of Chrome Extension is just another step forward in making it possible for its customers to enjoy the secure and unrestricted internet.

Source: Ivacy